Croatian National Tourist Board

The Croatian national tourist board is a national tourist organization that was founded, in order to promote and create the identity and reputation of Croatian tourism. Her mission also includes the planning and implementation of common strategies and concepts for promotion, proposal of and carrying out of promotional activities which are of mutual interest to all the subjects in tourism in the country and abroad, and improvement of the complete tourist offering in Croatia. The most important tasks are following:
  • bringing together the total tourist offering of the Republic of Croatia
  • structuring and conducting operational market research for the promotion of Croatian tourism
  • designing programs and promotional plans of the Croatian tourist product
  • organizing, conducting and implementing all business operations concerning the promotion of the tourist product of the Republic of Croatia
  • analysis and appraisal of the purposefulness and efficacy of the implemented promotion activities
  • establishing the Croatian tourist information system
  • performing global and tourist information activities
  • providing and coordinating incentives of all the Tourist Boards, as well as all economical and other tourism subjects which operate directly and indirectly, in order to improve and promote tourism in Croatia
  • establishing tourist representative offices and branch offices in foreign countries, including organization and supervision of their work
  • cooperation with national tourist boards in foreign countries and specialized international regional tourist organizations according to the reports of the county tourist boards, we analyse and evaluate activities by plans and programs of the established tasks and the roles of the tourist boards' system
  • taking measures and activities for development and promotion of tourism in undeveloped parts of the Republic of Croatia
Address: Iblerovtrg 10/IV, p.p. 251, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +385 1 46 99 333
Fax: +385 1 45 57 827
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